Posted by: Jim Kennedy | November 13, 2012

Election Was Closer Than Reported

In the week since the election have led to thousands of article and stories on why Mitt Romney lost. The final tally of the popular vote leaves Mitt Romney about 3.35 million votes behind President Obama and with one million fewer votes than John McCain received in 2008. No amount of recounts will change the outcome, that is a given, but the election was far closer than three million votes.

Mitt Romney lost the Electoral College 332-206, I have investigated a number of different scenarios and found adding less than 350,000 votes in Florida, Ohio, Virginia and New Hampshire delivers those states and the election to Mitt Romney. In 2008 John McCain received 107,259 more votes than Mitt Romney did in 2012, adding 5,000 votes to 2008’s total gives Romney Ohio.

Votes to change outcome

Florida                         75,000             29 Electoral Votes

Ohio                            110,000           18 Electoral Votes

Virginia                       120,000           13 Electoral Votes

New Hampshire          42,000             4 Electoral Votes

TOTAL                      347,000           64 Electoral Votes

While many will point to demographics and other reasons for the loss, the real cause was simply a lack of turn out in Ohio. In Florida, Virginia and New Hampshire, Romney did receive more votes than McCain did in 2008; it still wasn’t enough to win those states. Why? To be determined…


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